Part -3

Its 7.00 am, I am wide awake and shaking inexplicably. I am sitting on the chair, right next to the bed, muted and thinking about all the worst possibilities of messing up the paper presentation. I can’t help but envy Sai who is fast asleep. As much as I know that it is futile, I have slapped her ass quite a few times to get her out of the dreams! All I can do now is  calm myself , munch on the Pringles and wait for the devil to give her a call.

An hour of performing stridently in the bathroom, I am fresh out of bath, while Sai and the devil are discussing our attire for today.This is how quick she is  with her chores when the devil is around.The Devil wants us to wear something casual and be comfortable . Here, they don’t have any dress code , this is something that I am really impressed by. Anyway, we have mutually decided to wear semi-formals to stick the standards.

We are now headed for the breakfast . Devil and Kavi are planning to order ‘puri’ .Sai and I , as usual are uncertain. Since we have never been  fans of South Indian food , we have ordered Masala Dosa as a challenge for ourselves. We are totally enamoured of being challenged.(You know how this started!).My eyes are locked on the waiter who is approaching us with huge plates .I am staring at the plates and I’m appalled . There’s too much on the platter- several types of  chutneys and a huge Dosa. Me and Sai are already regretting challenging ourselves , more to that, the devil is giving us that smile.I hate it! Greatest Irony of all times- the devil has managed to finish his food and me and sai have leftovers on our plates. Happens!

Done with breakfast and we are on our way to Newman college- the venue of our conference. The campus  is as beautiful as of the one located up the hills. Beautiful Malayali girls draped in traditional saree have walked us through the registration.We have been given the conference kit as well. Now, we are good to go!

We are all seated in the hall ,awaiting  the Chief guest – Prof. Amrit Sen , head of the Department of English at Visva Bharti University , Kolkata, for the keynote speech on Cultural Studies. Devil teaches us cultural studies so we are actually able to understand the lecture but now the chief guest has started to speak Greek and Latin! so theres a possibility that me and Sai might doze off!

After a brief  inaugural session, We have a lunch break now. They are serving authentic kerala meal. Me and Sai are nervous about the conference, thus we have lost our appetite.We don’t want Devil to know about this, so we have our plates full, right in front of us. The boiled rice is difficult  to chew so we have decided to go for the sour things on the plate. After our lunch, Devil has introduced to us, a new dish- Kallapam.It resembles an Idli. It is soft and fluffy ,best part, being the fact that it is made up of Toddy. Now ,Devil is introducing us to Shilpa, Jerome Sir’s wife , who will be chairing our session. She seems sweet but wouldn’t be helping us on the stage. This thought has brought us back to our nervousness .As we walk back to the presentation hall, we are nervous and excited at the same time!

We have entered the hall and Frankly, I, no more have a sinking stomach. Since all the paper presenters have time limit , four papers are already done and we are up next. The  presentations before us have been carried out swiftly- it is not going to be that tough, we are convinced. As we are whispering among ourselves, we are startled by the call for our names. Before I am back to my senses,  Sai has already started well: confident, clear and loud. 

 Im quickly going through the highlights so that I’m ready to go. 

I have started with panic .One glance at the audience and I see, a few of them smiling.(this almost brought an end to my nervousnes). I am trying my best to be clear and loud and cover the paper in time.A couple of minutes more , and I am finally done with it! Sai and I, are exchanging wide smiles and I have gotten off the stage. Now, the chair person is asking us questions based on our paper and guess what? My bosom buddy, Sai, has managed to answer all the questions mind-blowingly. 

The Devil is super happy, and he cannot stop smiling. He’s been telling us how proud he is!.Well,  I believe it was the most amazing experience ever!(All thanks to the devil) Sai and I, want to go back to our room and celebrate already, but we have to wait for the devil to get done with his session. Now we have a tea break . Along with the tea, we are snacking on Chakka ada- a sweet dish wrapped in a leaf, made up of ripened jackfruit. After the break, Devil will be having his session.

The Devil is done with his paper soon after we entered the hall and now we are forced to sit throughout the session for no reason. Sai and I ,are helplessly looking at each other because we are hungry AF . Kavi, meanwhile , has come up with the idea of leaving the hall without devils consent . Doubtless, we hold the same kind of opinions when it comes to Devil. This woman is savage and I love the fact that she has the best comebacks ever. We are following her out while devil is staring at us blankly. 

Since we have been wandering around the campus, looking for a cafe, a distant noise has piqued our curiosity. We are all walking towards  the direction of the noise .I have caught myself staring at unusual sight of students dancing to loud music, right outside the college. I don’t think I know what’s happening. Kavi is explaining to us of the extraordinary Valentines Day Celebration in Kerala. I mean….. How cool is that?! 

As soon as we are back, we find that Devil is done with his session. A fleeting meet and greet followed by a brief photo session- we are done for the day! . Manu has offered to drop us and we are on the way back to our hotel. We will be relaxing until dinner time. Sai and I  are into the sheets again!, calling up our families to share every segment of TODAY . Just then, Kavi has come knocking on the door for Food. God, I love this woman!. Meanwhile, the devil has brought us some red velvet cake.(he can be THE nicest person, sometimes.)

This meeting is fun! The highlights of which are  random discussions on our favourite food , games and movies. We have learnt, we all have pretty much the same amount of love for cards and hence, a game session is planned after the dinner. Who else, but the devil will get the cards!(very obvious).Anyway, we have to hurry up for the dinner since the chief guest is going to be there. Well, Dinner with the chief guest  is a pleasure indeed!  

Dinner time is going great -a lot of discussions and debates on  music, movies, serials and what not.I am in love with this day! 

Done with the dinner and we are in our bed, chit chatting again. I can hardly wait for the time , when I see the devil with the  cards. Another 55376483465 hours and the devil has arrived. Although he has managed to get the cards after wandering for couple of hours on the streets, in return, we have planned on ditching him with the card game session!


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  1. Surely, I can say a great presentation day with lot of twists and turns but you managed well and that’s what you always do. Proud of you guys ❤️.

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